Editor's Letter: New Year's resolutions
Issue: January 1, 2012

Editor's Letter: New Year's resolutions

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season, and while you are about to dig into 2012, I wanted to send you very hearty New Year’s wishes from everyone here at Post Magazine. As I have been known to do over the years, I will use this space to highlight some New Year’s resolutions from those around the industry.
And I will kick it off with my own. I once again resolve to eat less, take more vitamins and mentally train for the New York City Marathon — this is my year! I also intend to judge people less, starting now. This goes out to the lady who I saw merging onto the highway holding a cell phone in one hand and cigarette in the other and, I can only imagine, steering with her knee caps. The old Randi might have cursed you under her breath, but the new 2012 Randi says, “Kudos, talented lady. Kudos.” Oh, and “please don’t kill anyone.”

From Austin-based Randall P. Dark, who returned not too long ago from a shoot in China (see page 8 for details), “My resolution this year is 4K — need I say more?”

Andres Kirejew, VFX director/partner of Toronto’s Township & Company (see page 4 for some news from him), offers this up. “Most of the time a New Year’s resolution is about cutting back on things. Our New Year’s resolution is about doing more across the board. We want to design more, create more and just have more fun. The goal is to keep the collaborative spirit alive in the studio, and eat more bacon!”
Nice Shoes’ director of creative editorial, Oren Sarch, went above and beyond and offered up his top 10 resolutions! 

1. Put finishing touches on new technology that really would allow footage to “cut itself.”
2. Create some clearly defined goals and some other stuff.
3. Rethink the Nice Shoes “Tub O’ Mayo” as a summertime-branded client gift.
4. Stop waiting to procrastinate.
5. Give Final Cut Pro X another shot.
6. Free dill pickle giveaway with every edit.
7. Wait until clients aren’t looking before rolling eyes.
8. Be more decisive. No, wait, maybe not.
9. Revolutionize the entire post production industry by incorporating hourly “pie break” into workday.
10. Think up creative way to bill for “Facebook time.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the last 12 months of Post Magazine. We love this industry and I hope it shows on the pages of our magazine, on our Website and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Have a great 2012.