DDN's SFA 10K-X looks to the future
Issue: March 1, 2012

DDN's SFA 10K-X looks to the future

CHATSWORTH, CA – DDN’s new SFA 10K-X storage platform with xSTREAMScaler (www.ddn.com) is designed to provide simultaneous access to multiple high-bandwidth streams for enabling content rich shared workflows.  
The high-performance, cost-effective big data storage platform fuses unprecedented IOPS and bandwidth performance with highly efficient capacity management. It maximizes application performance and minimizes overall total cost of storage system ownership for big data, media-intensive and data-intensive environments.
SFA 10K-X delivers up to 15GB/s of performance and scales to multiple PB's under same namespace with more IOPS and bandwidth to handle mixed and random seeks.  The SFA 10K-X is the only storage system that can provide realtime access to streams at this much bandwidth with shared access.

The SFA 10K-X is purpose-built to simplify and tame big data growth, enabling users to architect and scale their environments more intelligently, efficiently and cost effectively than ever before.