Stock Footage: Industry Update
Issue: May 1, 2012

Stock Footage: Industry Update

Digital Juice offers Canvases Collection 4
LAKE MARY, FL — Digital Juice has released “Canvases Collection 4: First Impressions,” background images designed to be the starting point for graphics projects.
This new Canvases collection includes a mix of image backgrounds that feature an assortment of colors and textures. The collection includes 200 coordinated sets of graphics in flattened JPEG format. Each canvas has five different layout formats. The designs range from sunsets to oceans to illustrated design backgrounds that feature geometric shapes and patterns, tile mosaics and digital waveforms. Digital Juice includes five different useful high-resolution formats of each. 
The “Canvases Collection 4: First Impressions” can be ordered through Digital Juice's online store ( The package’s retail price is $99.95, but the company says there are promotions available. Canvasses 5 is expected soon too. 

Lost Civilizations available from Global Imageworks
HAYWORTH, NJ — Global ImageWorks ( is offering exclusive commercial representation of footage from Time-Life’s Emmy-Award winning series Lost Civilizations. The collection consists of original location cinematography shot on film in 25 different countries and available for HD conversion. The collection offers images from the land of the Bible; the pharaohs and their riches; ancient Mediterranean worlds; classical Greek civilization; ancient China’s artifacts; Rome at its zenith; Inca roads;  and Africa's great coastal kingdoms. Lost Civilizations features locations, monuments and landscapes, as well as fully produced dramatic recreations of events and rituals, digital effects, and experiences in the world’s oldest markets and bazaars.  

Artbeats captures restricted airspace imagery of DC 
MYRTLE CREEK, OR — Artbeats has captured aerial imagery of Washington, DC ( — a big deal, considering how difficult it is to get permission to shoot restricted air space. “All of the effort was rewarded when we finally got clearance to enter the FReeZ (Flight Restricted Zone), and were flying low over the Potomac, with the Capitol on our left, and the Pentagon on our right,” says Phil Bates, Artbeats CEO and director of the shoot. During each flight, Artbeats was required to have a law enforcement officer on board. Immediately upon landing, military officers combed through all footage taken, deleting any shot that might compromise national security. They deleted less than 15 minutes of the nearly four hours of footage that was acquired. Footage includes the Capitol Building, Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, National Mall, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, US Supreme Court Building, the Watergate, and other landmarks. 
All footage was shot from a Twinstar helicopter using a Red Epic camera mounted in Pictorvision’s Eclipse gyrostabilized gymbal at 5K 2:1 resolution, which was later cropped to 4.5K to remove any lens vignette. Doug Holgate was brought on as DP/camera operator. Individual HD clips are priced at $599 each. The high-res 4.5K clips are $699 and the R3D files can be purchased for an additional $100. 

Thought Equity gets name change, now T3Media
DENVER — Thought Equity Motion, which offers cloud-based video management and licensing services, has changed its name to T3Media.
Says T3Media’s CEO, Kevin Schaff, who founded the company in 2003, “The name T3Media better resonates with our global customers and partners, and expresses the extension of our brand across a range of video technology and services. The ‘T’ ties back to our original name and the ‘3’ represents the three core tenets of our business: storage, access and licensing.”
Along with its new name, T3Media has an updated Web presence: Video producers in advertising, entertainment, publishing and emerging media can now visit, which replaces, to access the online library footage. The new site has a new look and feel, and features improvements to its advanced search, preview and download features. All existing users’ accounts and information have been transferred to the new site.    
Large-scale video library owners who want to us T3Media’s hosted platform solutions to store, access and sell content should visit 

Footage Bank adds to collection
MARINA DEL REY, CA — FootageBank (, which offers exclusive rights managed HD footage and high resolution, has added new footage, including 3D action clips. Subjects include the extreme sport Parkour, horse racing, ice hockey and ice skating, gymnastics , military combat maneuvers, and coverage of the last shuttle launch. Clips are offered in 2D and 3D in downloadable digital files. 
They are also offering footage from eight new natural history/wildlife films from South African filmmakers Peter Lamberti and Dereck and Beverly Joubert. With pilot season coming up, FootageBank has been adding more released location shots all by ASC Gil Hubbs and his son Cary, who is shooting for them in Europe. Top selling shots include motels, private homes, cafes, restaurants and clubs. Pilots that have licensed clips this spring include Bad Girls, American Judy and The Goodwin Games. 

Footage Search adds 4K content
MONTEREY, CA — Footage Search, which offers the NatureFootage, OceanFootage and AdventureFootage collections, has added to its 4K video content collection. The 4K collection, which offers over 10,000 clips, includes rare wildlife behavior, scenic landscape footage from deserts to forests, landmark urban locations, seasonal timelapse sequences, extensive weather and storms and lock-shot aerial footage.
Footage Search also offers macro coverage of coral reef environments, and an extensive collection of underwater footage from Baja, CA, the North Atlantic, the Pacific and Australia. The 4K clips are available for license online and in various master delivery options, including access to the RedCode Raw R3D codec. In addition, Footage Search has produced edited 4K reels, which are available to license.