Dallas Audio Post embraces the cloud
Issue: July 1, 2013

Dallas Audio Post embraces the cloud

DALLAS — While post production facilities and production houses might still be debating whether or not cloud computing fits into their workflow, Dallas Audio Post recently deployed Signiant’s Media Shuttle. The solution provides the benefits of a hybrid SaaS. 

Dallas Audio Post deployed Media Shuttle (www.signiant.com) to provide customers and partners with a faster, easier way to exchange full-resolution audio and video files. With 60 percent of its business in audio-for-video, the firm’s team is constantly exchanging large video files with clients.  Production schedules often were too tight for round-tripping files as required by fully cloud-based options, where the sender must upload content into the cloud, and the recipient must then download the file from the cloud. For example, when moving full-resolution video for the HGTV show Home Strange Home, where episodes were 7GBs and above, full cloud solutions requiring both uploading and downloading were impractical.

With Media Shuttle’s hybrid SaaS architecture, the user interface is delivered from the cloud, but the storage cache resides within the post production facility’s own network, enabling their customers to upload and download files directly and eliminating the round-tripping problem.  Signiant’s acceleration technology, with transfer speeds up to 200 times faster than FTP, further reduces the time it takes to move files. Within four weeks’ time, Media Shuttle displaced the use of numerous other file delivery options, including FTP, to become its clients’ preferred approach for moving content within the company’s workflows.     

“We also did a highly-rushed project for a major British broadcaster that, because of the time required to send us two full-resolution TV show files, we never could have completed it if we had to both upload then download each file with a fully cloud hosted solution,” notes Roy Machado, owner of Dallas Audio Post. “Media Shuttle made the impossible possible.”