Post Script: Tech and creative collide in NYC
Issue: May 1, 2013

Post Script: Tech and creative collide in NYC

Next month, The Collider Digital Production Conference ( will debut in New York City, giving attendees a chance to check out VFX-, animation- and digital production-themed presentations, panels, master classes and screenings, as well as a job fair. Collider’s organizer Stephen Price believes it’s time the East Coast, and New York in particular, had a production-themed event that balanced both technology and creativity.

“All the production events in the world are very far away from New York,” notes Price (pictured). “There’s NAB, there’s SIGGRAPH, which for the next four years is going to be on the West Coast. It’s a West Coast event. That’s what people here think of it as… and here in New York, the biggest media market in the world, we have nothing? From a business point of view, it seems like a big opportunity to establish a production-oriented show. There’s a very vibrant community here, but it’s very silo’d. The interactive people don’t often talk to the advertising people, don’t talk to the feature film people, the gaming people, all these groups. So one of the things we are hoping to do is bring those closer together and get them talking. That’s part of Collider’s ‘collision’ concept.”

The event will take place June 9-11 at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Collider will feature over 40 expert speakers, and Price says the conference hopes to attract as many as 1,000 creative professionals. 

June 9th will center on master classes, while the 10th and 11th will focus on a conference and job fair. At 6pm on the 10th, Collider will host a VFX town hall that will be streamed live to anyone who wants to watch. The Webcast will address hot topic issues and questions, such as the need for unions, and will offer online polling, providing realtime feedback. 

“We want to bring together the employers, the brands and the media of the city,” states Price. Post readers can save 10 percent off registration by entering the promo code: COLLPOSTMAG.