Editor's Letter: Giving thanks
Issue: November 1, 2013

Editor's Letter: Giving thanks

It’s November and the holiday season is just around the corner. Thanksgiving signals “the beginning of the end” of the year, and is cause for celebration — that is, unless you’re a turkey.

Reel FX recently completed its first full-length animated feature — Free Birds — which graces our cover this month. The film takes a comical look at the length a few turkeys will go to change the Thanksgiving menu, even if it means hijacking government technology and traveling back in time to do so. On page 8, digital supervisor Scott Peterson details the studio’s work on the Stereo 3D film, the tools it used to create hundreds of unique-looking characters, and their solution for creating realistic feathers. The film is in theaters this month, coinciding with the holiday.

Also in theaters — and topping the box office for several weeks — is Warner Bros.’ Gravity, and this month Iain Blair connects with director Alfonso Cuaron, who reveals how he was able to achieve the weightless environment in which Sandra Bullock and George Clooney spend all of their screen time. Turn to page 10 for his interview with the acclaimed Mexican director.

In a bonus “Director’s Chair” column, I had the opportunity to meet with director Jim Field Smith (She’s Out of My League, Butter) recently, as he launched a new Web series with Hulu and the BBC. This comes in between his film-directing gigs. The Wrong Mans is a six-part series that US audiences can watch online. Smith employed the same directing style that he brings to his film work to this new series, and offers insight into directing for different content outlets. Check out his thoughts on page 14.

Keeping with the “online” theme, Christine Bunish looks at “Advertising & the Internet,” and how companies are using online outlets to deliver engaging, entertaining and interactive experiences that promote their brands. No longer are Web spots an afterthought, and forward-thinking companies now recognize that online content plays an important part in their brand strategy.

And there’s a lot more in this issue: a Review of HP’s powerful, new ZBook 17 mobile workstation; a conversation with Oscar-nominated editor Kevin Tent, who just completed work on Alexander Payne’s B&W film Nebraska; and a look at post techniques for performing ADR, Foley and Restoration.

Thank you, as always, for spending time with Post!