Review: Rampant Design Tools
Issue: October 1, 2013

Review: Rampant Design Tools

As a high school media teacher and professional, I rarely have the time I need to do all the bells and whistles I want to create for my projects. First of all, my students have a set number of hours per week to work in the classroom. To create great-looking projects they want to share with their counterparts, they really need double the amount of time allotted. 

This is where Rampant Design Tools ( comes in. Like a hero from a fantasy novel, Rampant Design Tools’ ready-made “drag, drop and go effects” are a key asset to our workflow. There is a short learning curve once they are applied to create masterful works of art. 


My students are addicted to Instagram. The must take a million pictures daily and post like crazy. So when they asked me how they could create that look in their editing, I told them it would be easy with the light overlays by Rampant Design Tools. They dragged the premade .mov file and then changed opacity and transfer modes. They loved it. And I loved seeing their creations. We both agreed it needed to be a lesson in class each year. It’s a great way to learn what opacity transfer modes do. 


Rampant Design Tools Style Mattes are worth their weight in gold. They add network-looking mattes to really accentuate the modern look of videos. Bars slide in and out of your footage at ease. My students learn track-matte effects in Premiere Pro and love the powerful new looks they get. 


Rampant Design Tools’ drag and drop elements have hundreds of different looks to add a professional flair to any project — from pros like ESPN, to making your son’s summer swimming videos look cool, they cover it all. I am so happy to have found this company at the NAB Show this year and quickly added their wares to my personal and student libraries. They have literally every creative look for any idea you may have, and they keep making new content. I am jealous of their creative genius! 

If you are an editor or a media teacher, I highly recommend adding Rampant Design Tools to your library. Rampant Design Tools will save you time and money. I give them 5 out of 5 stars for price, creativeness, and timesaving abilities.