Careers: Tube's Chris Downs looks at the hiring process
Chris Downs
Issue: September 1, 2013

Careers: Tube's Chris Downs looks at the hiring process

At Tube, we look for someone who displays passion in their work, first and foremost. That may sound like something that could go unsaid, but it translates into work ethic, drive and commitment to be better. With our focus of being a motion design driven post production boutique, the second thing we look for is a strong sense of design. 

I always ask applicants if they consider themselves to be more of a designer or an animator. Competency, experience, and talent in After Effects is certainly a must, but I look for employees to have a diverse skill set as well. Though technical prowess at an app is certainly a good thing, we have found that we lean towards applicants who can display strong typography, composition and art direction skills.

I can get a good sense of an applicant’s level of work simply from their initial email. My focus is often in the details. Are there typographical errors in their resumé or cover letter? Is the resumé designed or is it a stock template? (You are a designer after all, right?) Is their reel formatted to broadcast standards? Who is the cover letter addressed to, or does it sport a generic “To Whom It May Concern?” You’d be surprised by how often that is the case. Take interest in the company you are applying to, otherwise, why would they take interest in you. Give ‘em a call, get a name, ask if they offer internships? It’s a great way to give yourself the opportunity to make a verbal impression.

An ideal applicant is someone who is excited about working at Tube and taking part in the work we already do. Someone who is familiar with our work when we interview them. Someone who keeps up with the industry by attending local events or joining industry organizations. Someone who spends his or her spare time reading Motionographer, Fubiz or Greyscale Gorilla. Passion begets passion. It shines through in the work.

Presenting yourself as a professional lets companies see how you would represent them and their clients. You are a brand selling yourself to a future employer. Make sure it represents you — let your character shine through. Keep branding consistent across your reel, resume and Website/blog of your work. Play up to your strengths on your reel and keep it short. We like to see storyboards of work as well as video.

When considering where you want to work, think about your ideal work environment, whether it be an agency, in-house corporate, large post production facility, television station or a boutique post house. How do you envision your role in a company and what can you offer that fills that role? What is the possibility for growth and advancement? Set goals for yourself and, most importantly, make yourself as necessary as possible and an asset to the company. 

Chris Downs is the Owner and Creative Director of Atlanta's Tube (, a creative post production boutique with a focus on design-driven editorial, motion graphics, broadcast promos and brand integrated corporate image videos. Committed to tomorrow's creatives, Downs has delivered talks discussing the transition from student to creative professional at schools including Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia State University, and the University of Alabama.