Outlook 2015: World Famous' Alan Nay - Artful, unexpected & more frequent content
Alan Nay
Issue: December 1, 2014

Outlook 2015: World Famous' Alan Nay - Artful, unexpected & more frequent content

Alan Nay
World Famous

Adrenaline Junkie

What an exciting time to be in this business. Budgets are getting tighter, production schedules are getting crazier, and competition is growing. The advertising, content and media businesses are all colliding into a supernova of change. More content (more often) for less money. Exciting? Yes. Along with these challenges and uncertainties come new creative opportunities and so many new toys…I mean tools… available for the craft of visual storytelling.

The Three-Headed Creative

We're a concept-to-completion studio that employs multi-disciplined artists. You know, those creatives who are great at designing boards and writing and shooting and sculpture and lithography. Sure, sometimes they're so incredibly talented it's annoying! But multi-disciplined artists like that are increasingly more valuable these days when you're asked to concept and produce "10 little online videos" for the price of one decent spot.  

Make It Great

As the advertising/media landscape changes, the demand for video content will continue to grow. There are billions of videos online. Brands looking to cut through the clutter are hungry for exceptionally-creative content. We’ve noticed that both agencies and brands are engaging us earlier on in their process in search of content that is more artful and unexpected while being delivered more frequently.

Constantly Create

The trend of fewer big commercial productions for TV in favor of more frequent smaller productions for digital will only continue to grow. Everyone is trying to adjust to the new paradigm. Companies that have the ability to produce entertaining content at any scale will have an advantage in 2015. We recently collaborated with a media company on a very cool animated Web series designed for a specific product category. Was it a commercial or original content? Yes. In the year ahead, I expect to see more creative opportunities like this that are a mash-up of technology, art, story, commercial, entertainment and original thinking. Sounds messy. Sounds exciting.