Music Video: Metal Blade shoots at YouTube LA
Issue: October 1, 2014

Music Video: Metal Blade shoots at YouTube LA

AGOURA HILLS, CA — Metal Blade Records ( recently produced and posted a new music video for the heavy metal band Goatwhore. The Nocturnal Conjuration of the Accursed video was shot at YouTube LA by Metal Blade’s Vince Edwards, who went for a gritty, unpolished look, underscoring the band’s heavy-yet-sharp sound.

Edwards shot the project using a Sony NEX-FS700 camera, which was flown around on a jib for the entire shoot. The video makes used of quick cuts and tightly synchs with the band’s performance. Footage intentionally goes in and out of focus. Drum hits and guitar fingering give the feel of a live performance. 

Edwards used Adobe After Effects to add additional layers of grunge to the footage. The band is lit harshly with bright white and dark red lighting. During the shoot, footage was projected over the band and the background, adding further texture and adding to the evil look. 

Edwards edits in Adobe Premiere. He used the NLE software in conjunction with After Effects to mask out elements on the walls of the stage at YouTube LA. Color correction was also performed using After Effects. Edwards had four or five adjustment layers dedicated specifically to color correction, which he blended to achieve the final look. The video made its debut on YouTube on October 15th.