Sound Libraries: Blastwave FX updates Sonopedia
Issue: October 1, 2014

Sound Libraries: Blastwave FX updates Sonopedia

DETROIT — Blastwave FX ( has released the third iteration of their flagship general HD sound effects library, Sonopedia 3.0. This massive upgrade features over 16,000 new sound effects, bringing the total number of files to over 43,000 sound effects. The library was produced by sound effects veteran/Blastwave FX CEO, Ric Viers, who mastered the library and served as the lead sound designer on the project, which took over three years to produce.

Sonopedia is designed to meet the high demands of audio professionals in the film, television and video gaming industries. But Blastwave FX’s clientele isn’t just limited to those three industries. “I’m surprised by who uses our libraries,” says Viers. “Our customer base includes everyone from schools and universities to major film studios, cell phone providers, app creators, toymakers, the list goes on…”

Viers says he really tried to push the envelope with this release. “We’ve improved the metadata for better search functionality, included more variations of many effects by focusing on different perspectives, durations and velocities, as well as provided a few features that you won’t find in other libraries, like loopable sound effects and an entire suite of production elements. The goal has always been to produced the cleanest, most useful sound effects for sound designers.”

The library comes delivered on a hard drive that’s compatible with Macs and PCs, and includes free updates for life.