Music Video: Madonna — 'Bitch, I'm Madonna'
Issue: August 1, 2015

Music Video: Madonna — 'Bitch, I'm Madonna'

Madonna clearly just wants to have fun at a star-studded penthouse party in Bitch, I’m Madonna, her third single from the "Rebel Heart" album. Directed by Jonas Akerlund, with post production by MPC NY, the video for the electro-pop track includes cameos by Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Chris Rock and Alexander Wang.

MPC NY engaged early on with the director, Madonna and members of her creative team to crystallize her vision for the ultimate party in the ultimate location — the renowned Standard High Line boutique hotel in New York City’s meatpacking district. MPC NY VFX supervisor Marcus Wood, who previously worked on Madonna’s Ghosttown and Living for Love music videos, attended the shoot and consulted with Madonna’s editor Danny B. Tull. The action was shot in one night over three floors in the hotel tower, including the famous Boom Boom Room and rooftop terrace.

A number of the celebrity cameos were shot around the country and composited into scenes with other partygoers. For the most innovative cameo, Nicki Minaj was shot on a greenscreen, composited against graphic backgrounds provided by Madonna’s creative team, and tracked into a flat panel carried by a dancer. Wood led the MPC NY compositing team, which used Autodesk Flame 2015 supported by Autodesk Flare and The Foundry’s Nuke.

Lengthy takes combined with the confined spaces and the flow of action meant changes in lighting and exposure were a constant challenge for post. MPC NY colorist Adrian Seery, using a FilmLight Baselight system, performed multiple grades, which were selectively integrated by the 2D team to reflect the look and feel of the track.

“Madonna is very much the artist at work in everything she does, and to collaborate with such a huge talent once again was a privilege and a pleasure,” says Wood. “With such a history of groundbreaking projects behind her, she fully understands the process and is involved every step of the way.”