Outlook: Remote partnerships — essential to a long future
Tara Holmes
Issue: December 1, 2015

Outlook: Remote partnerships — essential to a long future

Having worked at a number of post companies, and as a relative newcomer to the Nice Shoes family, I have a unique vantage point on both the company and the post production industry. I am excited for the continued growth of this company. I am also over the moon to be a part of Nice Shoes’ reach via Remote Partners. “Satellite” color sessions have been around since I started in the industry; but recent advances in technology have really enabled the clients to embrace it without compromise.  

When businesses expand, no matter what industry, it can involve extensive investment and construction, or the acquisition of a smaller company. We’ve seen the latter quite often in post. What Nice Shoes has done, and what I believe we’ll see more of industry-wide, is strategic partnerships between companies to reach new markets. There’s value, whether a big business or small, in identifying gaps in creative offerings and finding the right partner rather than attempting to do it all yourself. There’s a reduced cost of overhead and an opportunity to share more than clients — companies can grow in their understanding of developing culture and community.

Nice Shoes has worked hard to find independent studios — in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis and Toronto — that would complement us both in service offerings, and in our cultures. Perhaps we’ve turned a tide to a greater emphasis on work/home balance, as we’ve also recognized an increase in clients valuing a local connection. Now, more than ever, people can enjoy the creative process without having additional time away. Not just because we can deliver large files digitally, but because companies are focused on providing a sense of connectedness through tactile experiences. Nice Shoes has taken this further, with talent share in a few locations, including Minneapolis and Chicago.

As an industry, we need to remain focused on being open to opportunities, rather than defending market share or being fearful of change. We are in the business of creativity, one reliant on collaboration. Where the work comes from, and how those teams are aligned, invariably shifts. How we stay connected, in the same room or by thousands of miles, and retain quality, is essential to a long future.  

Tara Holmes is the Executive Producer of Color & Finishing at Nice Shoes (www.niceshoes.com) in New York City.