Outlook 2015: Trollback + Company's Mitch Monson - Mission + purpose
Mitch Monson
Issue: January 1, 2015

Outlook 2015: Trollback + Company's Mitch Monson - Mission + purpose

Mitch Monson
Client Partner/Creative Director
Trollback + Company
New York City

We all work with technology and delivery systems that are constantly being improved and refined as each year passes. That is a given. There are also breakthrough technologies that send a stronger ripple through our system and are game changers.

For 2015, we see the potential for this type of ripple, but it is less about technology, process, final product or delivery. The ripple is already underway. Brands are becoming more aware of it, our clients are becoming aware of it, and it's something that has changed with Trollbäck + Company. The ripple is called Mission + Purpose.

Mission + Purpose doesn't replace a new technology, a process, a product or a delivery system, but in 2015 they won't be as extraordinary or as successful unless the companies that make these breakthroughs have these two qualities.

These two ideas are not "corporate speak" of the past. They are tangible ideas that are expected of successful brands. They are expected to do more, and "the more" is not faster, cheaper and better. "The more" is focusing on something beyond the money or the product. It is focusing on the quality and engagement of their people and having a purpose that envisions and invests in a better future.

In turn, creative companies and our own brands need to foster the same values and we need to think differently. This change will continue to happen in the new year and the companies in our industry who value their people and give back – both inside and outside their communities – will be the successful ones. Companies will start to focus more on people and less on projects. These companies will attract and maintain talented, engaged and passionate people because they are working for more than paychecks and company perks. As a company, we have seen the power of this type of focus. We have seen the ripple beginning to take effect in NYC and with our other colleagues across a variety of markets.

So the outlook for 2015 seems to be one of "hope" and actually about "humans.” It's not just a new business opportunity or a new product, a new technology or a new workflow. It's about "why" and "how" are we doing this work, and how it can make a positive difference. It sounds a bit optimistic, but it's a humane ripple that is long overdue.