Broadcast Design: MTV's 'Rebel Music'
Issue: June 1, 2015

Broadcast Design: MTV's 'Rebel Music'

NEW YORK — The Studio ( teamed with Nomadic Wax and MTV World to create a graphics package that helps define the second season of Rebel Music. The package takes inspiration from Latin American political poster art of the 1960s and ‘70s.

Artist Shepard Fairey, whose work reflects his belief in the power of art to spur political commentary, is one of the executive producers of the documentary series, which airs on MTV’s broadcast and online outlets, as well as on Netflix and iTunes. Rebel Music explores the lives of young people around the world, who are using art and music in the pursuit of social justice. 
The Studio’s creative director Mary Nittolo says the team was going for the look of faded political posters on city walls, along with people’s response to them in the form of graffiti. The :30 opening title sequence shows this effort, playing as a fast-cut montage of scenes of political conflict and passionate musical performances. Flickering on-screen typography notes: “The world is in transition, the world is in conflict; when just is broken, when justice is lost; youth use their voice, youth use their art — to fight back.” 

Fairey designed the show’s logo. Nittolo, concept artist Alison Abitbol, animation lead Eric Kilanski and editor Hondo Logan developed the package.