Twitch Post creates online campaign for Garnier
Issue: September 1, 2015

Twitch Post creates online campaign for Garnier

NEW YORK — DigitasLBi came up with the concept for Garnier in which eight popular beauty and lifestyle video bloggers from around the country would demonstrating 12 must-have hair looks using the company’s hair-care products. Each would run just :60 and appear of Garnier’s YouTube channel. 

Persona Films brought the concept to life, spending five days shooting the fun and engaging brand endorsements in a New York studio. Sister company Twitch Post ( was on-set and involved with the project from the beginning, helping to speed delivery of Garnier’s :60 Second Change Ups videos, which have been viewed 3.1 million times on YouTube. 

In one video, Lindsey Hughes demonstrates how to achieve a textured bob.

In another, Heart shows viewers how to do a bombshell blowout.

 Abigail Honor is the co-owner of Persona Films and Twitch Post, and CEO of their parent company Lorem Ipsum Corp. Her team was able to deliver the campaign in less than a month. 

“Creatively this project was a fun challenge because I had to maintain the authenticity of each vlogger, and understand their unique style, yet integrate the Garnier brand,” says Honor. “We shot with two Red Cameras. We shot at 5K to allow us to crop the image for HD delivery, as it is almost six-times larger than the HD frame. It eliminated the need for multiple takes or multiple cameras shooting from the same angle with different lenses.”

The project was shot in reverse order, with the final look of the dry hair first, and then proceeded back to the wet hair. “We shot with stands and lights in the shot, and garbage matted them out in the final videos,” Honor explains. “We knew the exact design of the finished videos before we even shot, so adding all the on-screen graphics and the open and close was very straight forward, given we had strong storyboards to leverage. What was important was to keep the on-screen tips as short as possible so that they did not overwhelm people.”

Editing was performed using Adobe Premiere and Audition, and Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator was used for graphics. For hardware, Twitch has multiple Apple Mac Pros, Blackmagic Design breakout boxes, and calibrated Panasonic monitors.

DigitasLBi group creative director Nick Barrios says, “Working with Abigail was an absolute delight. As a creative director, I’m always looking to work with directors who find a way to infuse creativity into every possible part of the project. In addition to her methodical approach to production, Abigail is relentless in finding ways to make every shot and every moment better. I look forward for the opportunity to work with her again.”