Careers: Videogame producer Diego Vida
Issue: December 1, 2016

Careers: Videogame producer Diego Vida

Diego Vida is a CG/VFX Producer best known for working on feature films, including as a Visual Effects Artist on Mission Impossible, Fast & Furious, and GIJOE. He’s also contributed to the videogames Bomberman, Bloodstained, Adventure Quest and King of Avalur.

Are you a freelancer or do you work for a studio?


What is your background? How did you reach your current position?

“Some years ago, accidentally, my passion for movies and games was awoken and in that period I proposed to my friend to shoot a short movie about Castlevania. (Maybe one day I will show you the whole movie, but for now, here are some samples). I did the editing and visual effects by myself, because we couldn't find any help in VFX. Then I realized that I was starting to like this magic world of animation and digital arts (PlayStation Magazine published a great review too). After learning more, I got the chance to work with a company that I met while I was director of a large shopping center in my city, because I was in charge also to organize events and TV commercials. 

“Getting degree in digital arts [directed] me at this point, from Asia to America and Europe. I've been working for many projects, feature films, videogames, TV series, and music videos. I directed some of them too. I'm one of the few professionals to do this job not thinking about money. What is important is the project itself. I can share my art. I do this for passion, even when the salary is not the same.”

Can you list the software/hardware tools you are skilled in?

“Shotgun, Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Cubase and Pro Tool.”

Describe a recent job you¹ve worked on?

“Considering the actual business and the economy crisis too, just the future is the independent game productions, though filmmakers started years ago with a crowd funding, nowadays game producers are starting doing the same and I agree with this, since it is the most intelligent idea to pursue to make real business. Also, because in the near future, the game majors will stop producing and distributing discs and cartridges, therefore they will improve their Web platform (4K till 8K and more). Not only that, they will save money in this way and also earn more money before [hand].

“When I was in Tokyo I talked with IGA — Koji Igarashi is known as IGA, the same name of the historical Ninja clan the IGA. Listening to their calls for investing, I decided to join to the clan, giving money…so let's wish IGA a big ‘good luck’ for his project.”

Do you see any trends in CG or VFX based on your work, or the work of others?

“Sure thing! CG and VFX and SFX are the future and many professional talents work worldwide. On IMDb you can check my Game/Filmography. Also, I hold workshops in Europe and America, because I want to bring the digital arts around the world, sharing my experience in CG feature films.

“I'm a big fan of tuning cars. I enjoy race movies and surely Fast & Furious. It was my favorite work. Regarding the post production in CG, I did lot of rotoscoping as digital compositor. That was my role. In a live action movie, some segments we used 2D/3D models as VFX for some scenes [because they were] dangerous or unrealizable. We composited the cars driven by stuntmen. The main actors were simulating driving on a green-screen set.”

What about your future projects?

“Recently I directed for a television network a horror circus show named Paranormal Circus, with many acrobat monsters like Jason, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Michael Myers and Nemesis. Moreover I have a Castlevania game. My game will be in the same style like the other Castlevania series but very original at the same time. In Sicily we have lots of medieval castles, palace, villages perfectly matched for the Castlevania environments and I will use these too.

“For movies and TV spot I have many upcoming productions for the broadcasting networks. I'm working as a director for TV series like Silent Hill. The rest is an extra project of mine in live action and CG. I'm intending to produce in Asia about Ninjas, because I'm really fan of the old B movies in the end of 1980s made by Joseph Lai and starring Richard Harrison like Cobra against Ninja and Ninja Terminators and Ninja Silent Assassins, unfortunately in these recent years not so many productions wanted to produce such movies.”

You can see Diego Vida’s work online at: