February 1, 2016

  • 5-Feb-2016
    February 1, 2016
    In This Issue:
    - Posting Reality TV
    - Audio For Indie Films
    - Filmmaking: Christian Ditter - How to Be Single
    - Primetime: The Man in the High Castle
    - Director's Chair: Roar Uthaug — The Wave
    - Reviews: Pro Sound Effects, Blckmagic Design & Video Devices
    ... and much more


  • Business: Big Block Media carves out a place of its own
    Business: Big Block Media carves out a place of its own

    Big Block Media (www.bigblockla.com), the Santa Monica-based digital production studio, announced late last year that it would be leaving its roughly 8,200-square-foot space to move into its recently ...

    February 11, 2016

  • Filmmaking: Christian Ditter - 'How To Be Single'
    Filmmaking: Christian Ditter - 'How To Be Single'

    Filmmaker Christian Ditter is a Munich-based writer and director who last year directed his first English-language film, the romantic comedy, Love, Rosie that opened internationally in October 2014 an ...

    February 11, 2016


  • Reality TV: 'Hell's Kitchen'
    Reality TV: 'Hell's Kitchen'

    With Season 15 currently airing, this hit Fox cooking competition proves that if you can’t stand the heat, you gotta get outta Hell’s Kitchen. Hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, the show pits che ...

    February 23, 2016

  • Reality TV: 'Long Island Medium'
    Reality TV: 'Long Island Medium'

    The TLC series, Long Island Medium, not only follows Theresa Caputo as she meets clients and does readings, it also documents her sometimes zany suburban life in Hicksville, NY (a suburb on Long Islan ...

    February 23, 2016

  • Reality TV: 'The Amazing Race'
    Reality TV: 'The Amazing Race'

    One of the longest-running reality series, the Emmy Award-winning The Amazing Race, poses unique production and post production challenges with its globe-spanning scale. The competition features two-p ...

    February 25, 2016

  • Reality TV: 'Treehouse Masters'
    Reality TV: 'Treehouse Masters'

    The astonishing arboreal structures showcased in Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters aren’t the treehouses of your childhood. They’re the treehouses of your dreams. The series, which is now airing part ...

    February 24, 2016

  • The World of Reality TV
    The World of Reality TV

    Teams of contestants racing around the globe, treehouse owners with vistas of the stars, cooks competing to gain the approval of a caustic — if not outright demonic — celebrity chef, and a medium who ...

    February 23, 2016

Web Exclusives

  • Music Video: Eliot Lewis - 'Soundtrack'
    Music Video: Eliot Lewis - 'Soundtrack'

    MILFORD, CT — The team at In-Class Productions (www.inclassproductions.com), here, spent the better part of a year coordinating, shooting and editing the new Soundtrack music video for artist Eliot Le ...

    February 8, 2016

  • Review: Audio Ease's Speakerphone 2 plug-in
    Review: Audio Ease's Speakerphone 2 plug-in

    Let’s be honest: There is so much competition for your professional dollars that it’s often hard to choose who or what gets your attention. The market is over-saturated with plug-ins vying for your at ...

    February 4, 2016

  • Review: VAIO's Z Canvas
    Review: VAIO's Z Canvas

    Over the last year I’ve been asked to review quite a few mobile and desktop workstations. From Dell to HP to more DIY custom workstations by Cerise, they have all been monsters in terms of power and s ...

    February 4, 2016

  • Workflow: Remote collaboration employed on 'Modern Family'
    Workflow: Remote collaboration employed on 'Modern Family'

    LOS ANGELES — Award-winning director of photography Jim Bagdonas has embraced remote collaboration, but notes that the secret sauce that makes the process work is personal relationships.

    February 5, 2016