Music Video: Atle - <i>Ready to Love</i>
Issue: May 1, 2016

Music Video: Atle - Ready to Love

OSLO, NORWAY — Recording artist Atle recently premiered a new video for his track, “Ready to Love.” The black & white music video was shot at Dagslys Studios in Oslo, Norway, and features the singer performing, along with an entourage of female dancers. 

Ready to Love blends R&B with a catchy pop vibe. The video uses bright lighting, quick cuts and constant motion to underscore the track’s energy. Fine-lined motion graphics also appear sporadically, supporting the on-screen motion and the song’s lyrics.

Atle was a competitor on Norway's version of X Factor, a show that turned him into an overnight celebrity. The 3:20 video was shot using an Arri Alexa Mini. Frederic Esnault and Andreas Hem performed the edit, with Hem also handling VFX and grading. The team used a combination of Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro to complete the job.