Kate Moss stars in Charlotte Tilbury VR project
Issue: September 1, 2016

Kate Moss stars in Charlotte Tilbury VR project

LONDON — Global beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury recently debuted a new virtual reality experience starring supermodel Kate Moss. The VR experience was created in conjunction with global content production studio and VR specialists Happy Finish, and film director Antoine Wagner. The project is part of a global campaign that celebrates the launch of Moss’s debut fragrance, Scent of a Dream. 

The project was shot using the Nokia OZO professional VR camera. It can be viewed on VR headsets, including Samsung Gear, or on Google Cardboard, while mobile and desktop users can access a version of the experience via the Facebook and YouTube apps. Consumers are also able to interact with the experience in-store via Scent of a Dream VR pods.

The VR experience was filmed and imagined by artist/director, Antoine Wagner, and captured on the same set as the iconic Scent of a Dream film (also starring Kate Moss), shot by director, Baillie Walsh. 

“Virtual reality enables you to visualize the invisible,” says Wagner. “It made sense to collaborate with Charlotte on a virtual reality project…It was the only medium that could really express the enormity of Charlotte’s vision: a vision which explores the multifarious layers, codes, references and ideas for her new perfume…Kate had already tried VR, and was very excited to be a part of our project. She is the dream person to be lost in the universe with.”

“Charlotte Tilbury isn’t afraid to be pioneering and as a brand it is fast becoming one of the most technologically engaged in the fashion/beauty sector, daring to venture into a brave new world of content by being one of the first to use VR to communicate the brand message,” adds Daniel Cheetham, chief interactive officer at Happy Finish. “It’s a bold move by an aspirational brand that’s bravely embarking on a new direction by leveraging a new medium.”

Happy Finish credits include VR VFX supervisor Davide Preite; VR producer Charly Levene; 360 DPs Elliot Graves, James Brown and Jamie Mossahebi; 360 VR shoot producer Sam Adam; and DIT Ghandi El--Chamaa.