Music Video: Alexander Jean — <I>Paper Planes</I>
Issue: August 1, 2017

Music Video: Alexander Jean — Paper Planes

Indie duo Alexander Jean, made up of BC Jean and Mark Ballas, recently released a new music video that was inspired by their wedding nuptials. Directed, shot and edited by Lightfield Lewis, Paper Planes incorporates footage and stills from the couple’s wedding, along with additional footage shot around Los Angeles.

Lewis was originally brought in to shoot the couple’s wedding. His Dead Hearts video from a few years back went viral and has garnered much demand for him as a wedding videographer. Alexander Jean decided to write an original song to accompany the wedding footage, resulting in the "Paper Planes" single.

“I didn’t want it to just be a slide show,” recalls Lewis, who shot the project using a Red Dragon. In addition to the wedding shoot, he coordinated a number of other locations, including an LA riverbed and a swimming pool to which he added a black tarp to give it the look of a dark lake.

“We shot three days,” he recalls. “I wanted to shoot one more, [but] we got what we got.”

Lewis called on Adam Unruh of for a number of crane shots, including those in the pool. Footage was shot in 6K and for the edit, Lewis converted it to Apple ProRes for cutting within Final Cut Pro 7. RedCine-X and Artbeats were used for color correction and to create some of the film burns and color bleeds. In addition to the song, audio from the shoot is heard on occassion too, bringing viewers into the special event.

“Editing is my main thing,” says Lewis, who spent approximately two-and-a-half weeks assembling the video. “I delivered it right down to the wire.”

The final video was delivered in HD.