Music Video: Jay-Z — <I>Bam</I>
Issue: August 1, 2017

Music Video: Jay-Z — Bam

Jay-Z’s latest release is part music video, part documentary film. Bam takes the artist to Jamaica, where he explores the neighborhood known as the birthplace of late reggae legend Bob Marley. Directed by Iconoclast’s Rohan Blair-Mangot, the 6:12 project was edited by Cut+Run’s Sam Ostrove. 

Damian Marley accompanies Jay-Z as he explores the Jamaican neighborhood. Around them, kids play soccer in the yard, people take refuge from the waning heat at sunset, and music pulses in dance halls and worn courtyards. Captivating scenes are intercut with studio performances by Jay-Z, Marley and Sister Nancy.

The title of the short, Bam, is a nod to Sister Nancy’s popular song “Bam Bam,” which is sampled and discussed in the film. Bam debuted on Tidal as part of Jay-Z’s new project 4:44, the artist’s 13th solo album, which includes a series of music videos and short films.

According to Cut+Run’s Ostrove, the video was shot on Arri Alexa and was edited using an Avid system. Ostrove was provided with music stems so he could weave individual instruments and vocals in and out of the story as it evolves.