Music Video: Sawthis — <I>The Burning Place</I>
Marc Loftus
Issue: August 1, 2017

Music Video: Sawthis — The Burning Place

Sawthis is an Italian metal band that combines elements of thrash, groove and atmospheric soundscapes. Signed to the Denmark-based label Mighty Music, the band released their Babhell album earlier this year, and recently debuted The Burning Place, a new play-through music video.

The Burning Place features the band’s guitarists and bass player performing the heavy track. In each scene, the band member is situated in the center of the frame, surrounded at their respective feet with computer monitors showing other members of the band, also performing. As a play-though video, The Burning Place provides close ups of band members’ hands, revealing their individual techniques for playing the song. As the band performs amidst beautiful landscapes, the monitors strike a juxtaposition of nature vs. machine.

“'The Burning Place' is Track 1 from our newest album, Babhell, and best represents the entire album and the band’s brand-new soul,” says bassist Gaetano Ettorre. “Musically, it is a dynamic, powerful, fast track, but at the same time full of groove. It’s also pretty fun to play, which is why we chose to share this new play-through (video).”

The video was produced by Underroom Studios ( in Italy and was shot in 1280x720/60fps resolution. Adobe’s Premiere and After Effects tools were used for editing. Color correction, masks and monitor replacement was also performed during post production. The video was completed in just a week and a half, from shoot to final edit.