Online: Dr. Pepper's new social media campaigns
Issue: August 1, 2017

Online: Dr. Pepper's new social media campaigns

DALLAS — Full service production/post house Charlieuniformtango ( recently partnered with The Richards Group to create fun social media campaigns for Dr. Pepper. One campaign, dubbed “Real Cravings,” focuses on answers to social media posts requesting Dr. Pepper. The “Pick Your Pepper” campaign focuses on the soft drink’s fun assortment of custom labels, which have been available throughout the summer. The campaigns combine Charlieuniformtango’s 3D animation and storytelling capabilities. 

Rotating Bottle is part of the “Pick Your Pepper” campaign. In it, the familiar Dr. Pepper bottle spins at an accelerating rate, revealing this summer’s wide assortment of colorful, graphically-themed labels.

The “Real Cravings” campaign is live-action driven and features the spots All Hours, Heavenly and Emergency. In Heavenly, for example, a winged Dr. Pepper bottle responds to a social media post, bringing refreshment to a group at a park. In Emergency, a rescue crew breaks through a house’s windows in response to an “S.O.S.” that’s been sent out regarding a shortage of the soft drink.
The :15 “Real Cravings” spots were produced by Three Foot Giant, with Jeff + Pete directing and Joe Meade shooting on an Arri Alexa Mini. Edited was performed by Jack Waldrip using an Avid system, with Joey Waldrip handling the online in Autodesk Flame. Russell Smith performed the audio mix.

Dr Pepper — “Rotating Bottle” from charlieuniformtango on Vimeo.

For the Rotating Bottle spot, Tony Wann served as motion graphics artist and Connor Adams handled 3D. Adams used Autodesk Maya for modeling, Renderman for rendering, SideFX Houdini for simulation, and Nuke for compositing. Wann relied on Adobe After Effects and Maxon’s Cinema 4D. Original music was created by Nick Patronella. Michael Wagner was producer for Charlieuniformtango.