Music Video: Freddy Monday — <I>Me Are You Are Me</I>
Issue: March 1, 2018

Music Video: Freddy Monday — Me Are You Are Me

Freddy Monday’s new single Me Are You Are Me embraces the symbols of social media, taking on the look of a Facebook Live stream as viewed on an iPad Mini. The project was directed by filmmaker Martin Guigui and features Monday performing the new track, with familiar social media graphics popping up throughout. 

In addition to the familiar “like” thumbs up icon, Monday’s first name incorporates the identifiable  white & blue ‘F’ font used by Facebook. Other icons pay homage to Snapchat and Instagram. The viewer gets the feel of a mobile device’s screen as a woman’s hand swipes left and right.

“This song expresses that new relationship energy - the heightened excitement emotionally and physically,” Monday says. “Working with Martin is amazing - his passion, his ideas - I trusted his vision on this. In addition to his filmmaking expertise, Martin is also an amazing musician and composer himself, so he understood how I wanted to present this song.”

“The idea was to parody the look of social media, particularly as it relates to video,” Guigui says. “The concept works perfectly for both the spirit of the song and the times we live in today overall.”

Guigui also noted that their work, which also features the talents of cinematographer/editor/visual effects artist Ian Fisher, was a labor of love spread out over many months, thus affording everyone involved in the creative process to experiment, consider different options and make changes that wouldn’t have been possible on a more typical music video production schedule of just a few weeks.

“Time was a creative luxury we had,” Guigui adds. “So many times you look back at a project in your career and you think: ‘If I only had a few more days.’ There is none of that with this because we took our time and thought through all our creative options and made something that I think is pretty special. Freddy’s songs have a timeless quality to them and I wanted to capture that in this music video.”
The video was produced by Sunset Pictures of Los Angeles, and filmed at Thunder Studios and on location in Hollywood.