November 1, 2018

  • 5-Nov-2018
    November 1, 2018
    In This Issue:
    A Star Is Born
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Bad Times At The El Royale
    First Man
    Plus: Film Restoration, AR/VR...and much more!


  • Editing: <I>Bad Times at the El Royale</I>
    Editing: Bad Times at the El Royale

    It’s the late ‘60s, and the El Royale is an aging hotel situated on the border between California and Nevada. The Tahoe hotspot is a decade past its heyday, when some of the country’s most famous cele ...

    November 16, 2018


  • <I>A Star Is Born</I> director Bradley Cooper
    A Star Is Born director Bradley Cooper

    Most actors who take on their first gig as a director opt for a modest, low-profile project that allows them to learn the ropes without too many risks attached and to make the inevitable mistakes that ...

    November 12, 2018

  • <I>A Star Is Born</I>: Editor Jay Cassidy
    A Star Is Born: Editor Jay Cassidy

    Editor Jay Cassidy has worked on a number of notable films, including Fury, Foxcatcher and Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Joy with director David O. Russell. It’s also where he met and b ...

    November 21, 2018

  • Animation: <I>Ralph Breaks the Internet</I>
    Animation: Ralph Breaks the Internet

    It’s hard to visualize the expansive digital world we call the Internet, a global system of interconnected computer networks that link people, places and all things. But for the CG animated feature fi ...

    November 16, 2018

  • Animation: The princesses of <I>Ralph Breaks the Internet</I>
    Animation: The princesses of Ralph Breaks the Internet

    In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope decide to make a viral video to pay for an eBay bid gone awry. And the subject of this video? The Disney princesses in the “Oh My Disney” realm of the ...

    November 16, 2018

  • Is This the Reel Life? Shooting <I>Bohemian Rhapsody</I>
    Is This the Reel Life? Shooting Bohemian Rhapsody

    It was 1970 when four young Brits met and formed a rock group. That band led by their eccentric, larger-than-life vocalist Freddie Mercury, along with guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bas ...

    November 5, 2018

Web Exclusives

  • <I>Goosebumps 2</I>: Composer Dominic Lewis scores <I>Haunted Halloween</I>
    Goosebumps 2: Composer Dominic Lewis scores Haunted Halloween

    Composer Dominic Lewis scored the recently released film Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. The live-action horror comedy premiered on October 12th and stars Wendi McLendon-Covey, Madison Iseman, Chris ...

    November 20, 2018

  • <I>The Romanoffs</I>: Composing original music for the Amazon series
    The Romanoffs: Composing original music for the Amazon series

    Composers Giona Ostinelli and Sonya Belousova are currently scoring Amazon Studio’s The Romanoffs, from Mad Men creator and nine-time Emmy-winner Matthew Weiner. The contemporary anthology series is s ...

    November 20, 2018

  • Artifex highlights storytelling & VFX skills via original content
    Artifex highlights storytelling & VFX skills via original content

    As a VFX supervisor who has owned my own shop, Artifex Studios, for over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects. I began my time in the industry “on the box,” gradually ...

    November 16, 2018

  • Careers: Sound designer/mixer Kenneth L. Johnson
    Careers: Sound designer/mixer Kenneth L. Johnson

    Kenneth L. Johnson is an accomplished, multi award-winning supervising sound designer/mixer and entrepreneur. I first met Johnson during a sound session for a short film. He walked into the room with ...

    November 28, 2018

  • Careers: VFX editor Ashish Raisinghani
    Careers: VFX editor Ashish Raisinghani

    Born from an early love for films like the alien invasion classic Independence Day and the second installment in the genre-defining Terminator series, and nurtured through his study of film and at the ...

    November 15, 2018

  • Editing 101: 5 Rules (26-30)
    Editing 101: 5 Rules (26-30)

    JJ Lask is a creative editor with PS260 (, which has studios in both New York City and Venice, CA. His list of credits includes work for M&Ms, NY Lottery, Yahoo, American Greetings, ...

    December 3, 2018

  • Editing: Universal Pictures' <I>Green Book</I>
    Editing: Universal Pictures' Green Book

    Universal Pictures’ Green Book brings polar opposites together for a road trip of the South in the early 1960s. Tony ‘Lip’ Vallelonga (portrayed by Viggo Mortensen) is an Italian-American bouncer from ...

    December 3, 2018

  • Fall TV: <I>Last Man Standing</I>
    Fall TV: Last Man Standing

    In the sitcom Last Man Standing, Tim Allen plays a sporting goods store employee in Denver, who is a married father of three daughters. The series ran on ABC from 2011 to 2017 and was recently picked ...

    November 6, 2018

  • Sound: Mixing Universal's <I>First Man</I>
    Sound: Mixing Universal's First Man

    Universal Pictures’ new feature First Man looks at the early years of the US space program. In the late 1960s, NASA’s first astronauts —Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins — prepared for m ...

    November 7, 2018