Editing 101: 5 Rules (21-25)
J.J. Lask
Issue: October 1, 2018

Editing 101: 5 Rules (21-25)

JJ Lask is a creative editor with PS260 (www.ps260.com), which has studios in both New York City and Venice, CA. His list of credits includes work for M&Ms, NY Lottery, Yahoo, American Greetings, and UPS to name just a few. Each month throughout 2018, Lask will deliver ‘5 Rules’ that editors might consider for both practical purposes and inspiration.  

Here are Rules 21-25:

Rule 21 - Cookies 

Always watch every single frame of the dailies. Leave no frame unwatched. Never fast forward or watch in double speed. Watch every frame. When you have reached a substantial point in the footage, reward yourself with a cookie. Then set your next goal point, and again, reward yourself with a cookie.

Rule 22 - Thunder Doesn’t Always Happen When It’s Raining

Sound effects are an editor’s best friend. A certain sound effect will make the footage richer. An obscure sound effect will give your cut depth. I have around ten abstract sound effects that I use in every cut. I always throw my helicopter sound effect in there to see if it works, and it always does. Tip: slow down your sound effects 20 percent. 

Rule 23 - Snap Your Finger  
Always cut out of a scene early. It leaves them wanting more. 

Rule 24 - Snap Your Finger - Part Two

Always cut out of a scene a bit too late. It leaves them with more emotion.

Rule 25 - Deft Juxtaposition

Putting seemly unrelated elements together is an enigmatic, innovative technique. Most of the time, personally, I stumble across this by mistake. These mistakes have produced my most memorable edits. Sometimes logic should be tossed into the trash can.

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