Music Video: Monsieur Job — <I>Busque Mal</i>
Issue: July/August 2019

Music Video: Monsieur Job — Busque Mal

CALI, COLOMBIA — Toby Holguin is a musician and filmmaker, as well as a founding member of the Latin band Monsieur Job. He recently directed Busqué Mal, the group’s official video, via his new filmmaking moniker, Iye Teblu. 

Busqué Mal, says Holguin, was inspired by his own personal story - one in which a relationship ends and a new one begins. Holguin describes himself as a street director, who is self taught. For the Busqué Mal shoot, his own home was used as the primary location. Other footage comes from a short, night-time shoot, as well as from a greenscreen shoot that took place in his garage.

The project was shot using a Sony Alpha 9 camera, equipped with cinema lenses. For the night-time street shoot, he used LED lights to create the colorful aura around him and his girlfriend. 

“Lighting is important to me,” he states. “It’s an incredible art. I used some LED lights and that series came out nice, adding impact.” He also used a pyramid, rigged with key lights.

The project was edited by Juan David Rojas and cut using Adobe Premiere Pro. Holguin collaborated closely with the editor, completing the job in just two to three days.

At press time, Holguin was traveling in preparation for several long-form projects he has in the works in the coming months.