Music Video: Robyn — <I>Ever Again</I>
Issue: July/August 2019

Music Video: Robyn — Ever Again

PARIS — Editor Tianès Montasser ( recently cut Robyn’s Ever Again music video, which has more than a half-million online views. The video features the artist performing in front of a cyclorama, surrounded by Greek statues. The background color changes as she sings and dances on a sandy, beach-like surface.

Colin Solal Cardo directed the video, which was produced by Friend ( The project was shot on Kodak 35mm film, and Montasser worked with proxies from the lab, cutting in Adobe Premiere Pro 2018.

“Everything was synchronized on one timeline and we edited first as if it was a live video, so it was more of a ‘vertical’ way of editing,” he explains.

The initial edit, he adds, provided structure that then allowed for creative freedom in the fine tuning, where the music and Robyn’s performance could be highlighted.

Matthieu Toullet at MPC ( handled the color grade.