Documentary Feature: <I>The Edge Of Democracy</I>
Issue: November/December 2019

Documentary Feature: The Edge Of Democracy

The Edge of Democracy takes viewers into the world of Brazilian politics. The documentary, which is in the running for Best Documenatary Feature, provides an inside look at the political earthquakes that have been roiling in the country for several years.

Petra Costa directed the project, which was produced by Joanna Natasegara, Shane Boris and Tiago Pavan. The director also provides the English-launguage voiceover, drawing viewers further into the documentary. 

According to Costa, the 121-minute feature was shot using a Canon C300 MKII camera in 2K full frame 2048x1080 using the MPEG-4 codec and MXF wrapper.

“We started working on the edit early on while still in the heart of production,” she recalls. “It began a year after shooting started and lasted for the next two years. As the story changed and the years progressed, I collaborated with several editors, working to build the narrative arc and structure of a film about a story that was each day yielding more unimaginable plot twists than the last. 

“The edit started with Jordana Berg and Filipe Lacerda. I then continued with Tina Baz, and later with David Barker. To conclude, I worked with Karen Harley and Joaquim Castro. If I wasn't filming, I was in the editing suite, working simultaneously with the edit and the voiceover.  

“Because we were covering a long period of time and dealing with a lot of material - archival, interviews, and observational - we also worked with other additional editors, who built scenes separated by acts, based on a linear historical timeline. Others helped in the fine cut stage with pacing and story clarity. This work was organized and coordinated by Caio Bassetti, our post production coordinator, who was involved in the project since its beginning.”  

The final mix was performed by Leslie Shatz at Estudio JLS in São Paulo, while the Atmos version was prepared at Input Arte Sonora in São Paulo as well. Color grading was handled by Serginho Pasqualino in colaboration with João Atala (DoP) and the director. Both the color grade and the VFX were completed at Quanta Post in São Paulo.