Live Action Short Film: <I>Nefta Football Club</I>
Marc Loftus
Issue: November/December 2019

Live Action Short Film: Nefta Football Club

In director Yves Piat’s live-action short Nefta Football Club, viewers see how easily innocent children can come across narcotics. In the south of Tunisia, two young brothers come across a donkey that’s lost its way in the middle of the desert bordering on Algeria. 

Strangely, the animal wears headphones over its ears. Unaware that it is carrying drugs, the children take the mule’s cargo home. The short goes on to show a series of unexpected events taking place over 24 hours.

Nefta Football Club is nominated in the Live Action Short Film category. Piat, who discovered the world of cinema through his technician work as a decorator and studio manager, shot the production in the Cinemascope format using an Arri Alexa Mini and an Anamorphic Optical Master lens.

Jérôme Breau edited the project.

“I worked in collaboration with Jérôme and real teamwork took place,” says Piat. “We tried to respect the storyboard as much as possible by making a rough cut and then we fine-tuned the rhythm. It’s a come and go between the editor and me.”

Post production took place at Silverway Paris, Les Films Du Dissident and La Puce A L’orielle. Yves Piat and producer Damien Megherbi are both nominated for the project.