Outlook 2020: Free streaming & the return of the :30 spot
Jason Wolk
Issue: November/December 2019

Outlook 2020: Free streaming & the return of the :30 spot

The advertising forecast for 2020 has never looked better thru our lens at Spears & Arrows. With the emergence of proprietary streaming platforms, I expect there will be many more streaming options than ever, and fewer people willing to pay for them. I expect a free streaming service will emerge and lead the way. They will offer their programming in exchange for the viewer to watch a :30 commercial. The balance of ad dollars vs. paid subscription services will tip the scales and breathe life back into the :30 commercial, where experienced :30 storytellers will have more opportunities again.

The public’s reliance on connectivity should be looked at as an opportunity by all brands.  Whether we create :03, :06, :10, :15 or any length of content, brands need new content. I foresee a continuation of expectations, whereas OLV’s will continue to be produced in a package with TV spots at a high level.

The experiment with new production companies and new talent to save money is now over. Brands and agencies are too developed and sophisticated to think that a 30 percent savings on production hard costs will reap benefits, if the end result is weak. Under-developed creative and poor execution is no longer accepted. There are too few jobs in advertising for the working class to continue to hide. 

Spears & Arrows is a modern production company that offers creative services of development, writing, storyboarding, pre-visualizations and editorial on all of our production jobs to help maintain the highest level of production & storytelling. Our directors are creatives, and although they are hired to direct as a work-for-hire, we treat every project as we gave birth to the idea. We don’t need the credit; we enjoy the partnership, process and short term gratification.

Jason Wolk is an EP, founder and managing director at production company Spears & Arrows in Santa Monica, CA (https://spearsandarrows.tv).