Outlook 2020: Opportunities & threats to studios in the year ahead
Issue: November/December 2019

Outlook 2020: Opportunities & threats to studios in the year ahead

Goldcrest Post (www.goldcrestpostny.com) is a leading, independent post production facility, providing one-stop creative solutions for features films, episodic television, documentaries and other projects. Located in New York City’s West Village, the company provides editorial offices, on-set dailies, picture finishing, sound editorial, ADR and mixing, and related services. Recent credits include Russian Doll, High Flying Bird, Her Smell, Sorry to Bother You, Billions, Divorce, Unsane, The Miseducation of Cameron Post; Juliet, Naked, Godfather of Harlem, The Laundromat and Dads. 

Here, technical director Ahmed Barbary looks at some of the trends and technologies impacting the studio business.


“Storage technology has become a strength as NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) devices become less expensive and come into more general use. High-speed storage technology is essential in post as productions move to 8K and, in some cases, 16K acquisition. It allows colorists, for example, to access and playback 4K and 8K media instantly. You no longer have to wait for scenes to render, so the work goes faster. Two other important trends are the lowering of camera prices and the continued growth of streaming. Both are leading to more work for post houses.”


“Post facilities always face the challenge of keeping pace with technology. Companies are also tested by budget pressures. There is more work today, but rates have not kept up.”


“The arrival of new streaming services and content platforms is creating opportunities for post production service providers. A boutique facility like Goldcrest is well positioned to take advantage of new opportunities whenever and wherever they appear. We have the agility to adapt to new workflows, delivery requirements and creative demands. Larger, older facilities often struggle with that. We also have the flexibility to form new types of client relationships and partnerships. The future is wide open for us.”


“The post industry faces many threats. Facilities that don’t take security seriously (as we do) are opening themselves up to a big risk. There is always the threat that a guild or a union may go on strike. Tax incentives could be reversed. Those or other factors could cause a downturn. In addition, while more shows are being produced today, few have 22 episodes. Many have only six. So, your sales team needs to work harder. That’s a threat, too, that we are prepared to face.”