Favorite Audio Tools: Sound Lounge's Rob DiFondi
Issue: September/October 2019

Favorite Audio Tools: Sound Lounge's Rob DiFondi

Rob DiFondi is a senior mixer at Sound Lounge (www.soundlounge.com) in New York City. He recently shared some insight on some of his favorite audio post tools.

What is your current favorite audio tool?

“Cargo Cult’s multi-tap, multi-channel delay plugin Slapper. It has useful presets that get you to a good place quickly. It’s also flexible and sounds great.”

What are some of its standout features?

“I particularly like its exterior delay. It’s a good tool for placing a person’s voice outside or making someone who is already outside seem farther away. It’s convincing and doesn’t sound like you’ve added a fake reverb.”
What is it helping you do?

“It allows me to make dialogue and other types of sound sit comfortably in the mix, with flexibility and creative control.” 

What are the types of projects you are using it for?

“TV and radio ads.”

For details on The Cargo Cult and their audio products, check out: http://www.thecargocult.nz.