Outlook: A re-focusing of resources & resurgence in product popularity
Issue: November/December 2020

Outlook: A re-focusing of resources & resurgence in product popularity

At DPA Microphones, we have been fortunate in that we were able to use the current (difficult) state of the world to focus on product development and innovation. With resources re-focused onto that side of the business, the R&D team has been zeroing in on projects that have long-been discussed internally. What does that mean for the production world? Well, for starters, some exciting and innovative solutions that will bring their projects into the future (beyond just 2021). 

At the height of the pandemic, we saw that the world would be set on a new path — not only on a social scale, but in the way all business is conducted. For the production industry, that meant new ways of capturing content in a socially-distanced capacity. This change sent the creativity and ingenuity of our product development team off on a whole new path. 

In the early days, they worked tirelessly to launch our 4097 Core Micro Shotgun, which allows small production teams to quickly mount a mic solution that can pick up speech from a distance. We also saw a resurgence in popularity for our MMA-A digital audio interface, which enables individuals to record high-quality audio directly into their computer or Apple device, for projects such as ADR. These products not only helped keep creativity flowing in the production world, but also show great promise for usefulness as we head into the New Year.
We’re also looking at new ways to help our current customer base and future audio professionals alike further develop their skills, both through new products and educational resources. For instance, we initiated a steady stream of online learning tools, such as educational webinars with top industry talent and product trainings from DPA support specialists, as well as additional content for our DPA Mic University. Additionally, our film contest helped to shine a spotlight on a wide range of young talent, and we’re eager to work with them in the New Year. 

As we look ahead to 2021, we’re excited not only to unveil our latest offerings, but also for what our customers and students will bring to the industry. Though much remains to be seen about the state of the world in the coming year, we’re certain that the production industry at large will continue to progress. We look forward to the creative new projects that are sure to stem from these challenging times, and we certainly hope to be able to see everyone again very soon.  

Chris Spahr is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for DPA Microphones (www.dpamicrophones.com), based in Longmont, CO.