Sound Libraries: Alibi playlists reflect 2020
Issue: September/October 2020

Sound Libraries: Alibi playlists reflect 2020

Alibi Music ( in Los Angeles has created five playlists that are designed for editors in need of soundtracks that reflect the current world going on around them, be it themes related to change, fear, empowerment or even ‘Karens’. Each playlist offers unique, versatile tracks, stems and alt versions that vibe to a particular feel. 

“If I could put our collective 2020 experience to music, it might sound something like this,” explains Julia Trainor, Alibi’s head of sync A&R. “So why not share it with those being tasked to edit promos, trailers, ads, videogames and other content influenced by where we are today?”

“Time For Change” has a no-more-excuses attitude and speaks to the times, reflecting the empowerment of people to take action in making the change they want to see. It’s a blend of anthem-like songs, inspiring music, heroic orchestral and overcoming-the-odds ballads. 

“Hype Drums” helps to motivate the listener via exciting, hype-building drums. “Horror With A Twist” takes known sounds and songs, and turns them on their head in a creepy way.

“Music For Karen” is exactly what someone who “needs to speak to the manager” would put together, and includes cheesy oldies that listeners can’t stop thinking about. On the other hand, “Music Not For Karen” is cool, new music that would probably never show up on her playlist.

Alibi’s production music and sound design has been used in a number of projects recently, including Kia’s summer blockbuster parody, the acclaimed Netflix series Dark Desire, and the promo for USA’s Dirty John Betty.