Sound Libraries: Elias Music - More than just a catalogue
Issue: September/October 2020

Sound Libraries: Elias Music - More than just a catalogue

Full-service music agency Elias Music (, based in Santa Monica, CA, boasts a catalogue of tens of thousands of premium tracks across a range of contemporary genres. The company also offers custom music production, sound design and audio branding, and represents a deep selection of up-and-coming indie artists for licensing opportunities. 

Photo (L-R): Mitch Rabin and Vinnie LoRusso

Having all those resources under one roof positions Elias as a ‘one-stop shop’, with the ability to deliver whatever clients need in terms of music. 

“We never say ‘no,’” explains executive VP, Mitch Rabin. “We have a fantastic catalogue, but we also score new work. We offer music supervision and music clearance. Having production resources, we can customize catalogue tracks to fit the creative brief, and because all of our music was produced by our team, we have immediate access to the original elements.”

Elias’s catalogue is an outgrowth of its work in original music production for advertising. The company has supplied memorable scores for thousands of ads, including iconic spots for Apple, Nike, Nissan, Toyota, eBay and many other top brands. And it applies the same care and attention to catalogue production as it does to custom projects. 

“The creative team that handles our high-profile custom scoring and audio branding also produces exclusive music for the catalogue,” explains executive creative director Vinnie LoRusso. “We come at it with the same talent, musicians and mindset.”

Elias has developed deep, ongoing relationships with its clients, including agencies who turn to the company for more than a one-off track for an ad. 

“Agencies are looking for a creative partner who can help define the sound of a brand,” notes LoRusso. “That involves strategic advice and original scoring, but we might also curate a collection of music from our catalogue that they can utilize at various touch points.”

At the other end of the scale, Elias helps clients with limited time and resources get more than they might from a competitor that simply provides library tracks. 

“People come to us because of our catalogue, but when they discover everything else we do, it opens other opportunities,” says Rabin. He notes that Elias’s ability to customize tracks is a great way to maximize value. “For clients who want something more, we can remix tracks or remove elements to create a truly custom sound,” he says. “When clients need it, we can edit tracks to picture, add instrumentation or vocals, or write an entirely new section.” 

Elias also offers Shockwave, a premium sound design catalogue, whose expansive range and modular design is specifically crafted to support visuals and transitions in ads, promos, trailers and other short-form media. 

 “We are happy to work with clients that need a single track for a single project, but the difference is, we go beyond that,” concludes LoRusso. “If they need something more overarching, we can do that too. We can help them with anything that involves music and sound.”