Sound Libraries: Syn's 'Made In Japan' reflects country's range of styles
Issue: September/October 2020

Sound Libraries: Syn's 'Made In Japan' reflects country's range of styles

“Made In Japan” is a new collection of music produced and recorded by Syn (, the music agency and creative studio with locations in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Beijing and Manila. Available for commercial licensing, the collection is well suited for advertising, film, TV and other media. 

The process and journey of sourcing, curating and recording this collection of more than 50 tracks took over two years, and represents a diverse and eclectic expression of Japanese music and musicians, who use traditional instruments to create electric hybrid scores. Recorded and mixed at Syn Studios Tokyo using some of the country’s top musicians, this modern collection of Japanese music spans hip hop, electronic, zen meditation, J-pop, dark mysterious and dramatic, all with a contemporary edge. 

The project was inspired by Syn’s Tokyo headquarters and co-founder/chief creative director Nick Wood’s passion for his adopted home. 

“The popularity and influence of Japanese culture can be increasingly seen in film, television and advertising,” explains Wood, “and we wanted to further expose people to the diverse range of styles and incredible artists present in Japanese music. Bringing our network together to create this series over the course of a few years was incredible and we are excited to finally share it with clients.”

“Made In Japan” is currently available for licensing through Syn. In addition to licensing “Made In Japan” and other collections, Syn also provides recording, music strategy, composition, sound design and sonic branding services.