Sound Libraries: 'Turn It Up' plays off Figure and Groove's strengths
Issue: September/October 2020

Sound Libraries: 'Turn It Up' plays off Figure and Groove's strengths

Figure and Groove ( offers audio post and custom scoring services, as well as their own music library, all via its Westchester, NY, studio. Matt de Luca says the studio has done a lot of custom scoring for reality series lately, and created the open for the US Open tennis tournament last year, which was used again this year. 

Their music catalogue is continually growing, and their latest release, titled Turn It Up, represents what they do best, considering their background as rock musicians. Turn It Up, according to de Luca, features limited vocals and a style reminiscent of musician Jack White. The tracks are authentic, raunchy blues, recorded with lots of vintage analog gear.

“We know our strengths,” says de Luca, adding, that it’s this type of music that their clients gravitate toward. 
Symmetry Volume 2 is also a staple of what clients come to Figure and Groove for. The album features minimal and criminal electro-orchestral hybrids, with dark industrial edges and modern sci-fi/horror style. These scores are intensely impactful, with layers of tones and cinematic sound design for full dramatic depth.
Figure and Groove follows a licensing model, with some clients signing blanket deals. Tracks can be previewed on their Website and downloaded in a range of file formats.