Workflow: Accurate.Video can help plug gaps
Johan Bergström
Issue: March/April 2021

Workflow: Accurate.Video can help plug gaps

As teams continue to adapt to remote working, many are looking for workflow solutions that will not only support creative output during the pandemic but also improve efficiencies over the long-term. 

Codemill has been building bespoke internal content management and delivery platforms for broadcast and post production workflows for the last decade. However, in recent years the industry has moved towards a more standardized, component-based approach. While there are plenty of circumstances that might require a bespoke solution, there are others where it’s more efficient to leverage existing technology that integrates seamlessly into the workflow. 

More companies have begun to see the benefits of cloud-based solutions, which use core underlying components to handle specific parts of their workflow. Components solve common problems that everyone is experiencing, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. A lot of organizations that were using software deployed on-prem can now access the same systems through a standard web browser. The industry is leaving behind fixed infrastructure, such as legacy transcoders, on-prem MAM servers and QC systems, to run as many workflows as possible cloud natively. The aim is to optimize data egress, bandwidth, processing and storage costs, but it also saves time, as content can be accessed immediately from any location. 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a focus on remote content ingest tools and MAM solutions, which allow users to manage content for post production and creative collaboration workflows. But what about the output from the post production chain? Accurate.Video fits into this vital final stage by consolidating content coming from many different locations that needs to be viewed, qualified, checked and visualized before it is sent to the broadcaster or content delivery service. This allows users to visualize time-based metadata, such as auto-QC reports, or leverage machine learning services to help determine suitable locations for ad breaks, or to efficiently add VOD binge markers when end credits roll. The web-based platform also enables remote users to quickly identify problematic content, which supports broadcast compliance processes. 

As media organizations migrate to the cloud, the possibilities for innovation become potentially endless. Codemill builds tools that plug gaps in the workflow, but to be truly useful, they need to slot into a customer’s internal platforms and services seamlessly. By building out front-end applications, which are user friendly and integrate into the backend, the whole becomes more valuable than the component parts. Accurate.Video integrates with leading cloud transcoders, such as AWS Elemental MediaConvert, auto-QC software such as Interra Cloud Services Baton and Amazon Rekognition for machine learning, as well as other third-party services and custom generated metadata. 

Accurate.Video Validate, Accurate Player and Accurate.Video Poster make up the Accurate.Video suite. To complement these, there is also a software frontend component library and extensive backend API integrations that provide significantly-greater flexibility than legacy products and infrastructure. Components and integrations can also be customized to fulfil any organization’s requirements and deliver a better fit for its workflows.

Johan Bergström is Head of Marketing for Codemill (, based in Umeå, Sweden.