Outlook: From NFTs to advanced Zoom collaboration
Tom Jucarone
Issue: November/December 2021

Outlook: From NFTs to advanced Zoom collaboration

2021 was a landmark year, filled with remaining uncertainty about the pandemic and how our industry would adjust accordingly. We have all been incredibly resourceful, resilient and flexible the past year, and it is something to be proud of. As we look ahead to the new year, our team will continue to provide our clients with top-notch service, expand on honed technical skills acquired during the last 18 months, and look forward to both in person and virtual collaboration in 2022.
Predicted industry trends for 2022

Flexible scheduling on projects
As hybrid work models continue into the new year, deadlines will take precedent over when work is completed – remote approval and collaboration will continue to be a component as well.

More collaboration and facetime
Remote work and platforms like Zoom allow more people to be involved in the creative process. We are seeing more executives able to “attend” virtual mixes who previously did not have the time. It’s great getting facetime with clients we may not have gotten the opportunity to interact with.

Increase in film and television work
As the streaming arms race continues to intensify, including a boom in children’s content, Apple, Warner, Paramount and Netflix will compete against Disney’s back catalog of kids’ programming.

Dolby Atmos becomes more important
Atmos will become a more important sound mixing format as broadcast moves to ATSC 3.0 NextGen TV and more streaming sites embrace immersive sound.

As NFTs continue proliferating across the digital universe, they will be looking for sound or music partners.

Large companies will buy up smaller podcast networks in order to grow audience reach.

More brands seeking one-stop solutions for casting, recording and mixing, and for longer form non-broadcast content (not the traditional :30 spot).

Tom Jucarone is the President and Co-owner of Sound Lounge (www.soundlounge.com), an artist-owned and operated audio post production studio in New York City.