Outlook: Optimism for the year ahead
Barbra Marshall
Issue: November/December 2021

Outlook: Optimism for the year ahead

During the pandemic, post production was challenged to make swift technological changes to how we and the people we support work. People adapted to working from home, which for many has become a forever lifestyle. As we move into 2022, I am optimistic for the post production industry — content is booming, creating job opportunities in every aspect of the business. I am seeing young, diverse talent getting a shot, and that is exciting.

MTI Film sees the future as a hybrid of work-from-home and, when needed, on-prem creative collaboration. MTI’s Remote Center Avid workstations allow both scenarios to successfully coexist. As our Remote Center continues to grow past our current 120 workstations, we are committed to evolving as technology improves. The addition of our Cortex software, for example, has proved to be a major time saver for assistants using its concurrent rendering feature, reducing overtime and improving lifestyles.

At MTI, we have seen a significant rise in television re-mastering and film restoration as producers re-exploit their libraries for streaming. Studios are bringing their past popular shows back to life and we will see more of this in 2022.
All of this, combined, makes for a bright future.  

Barbra Marshall is an executive producer with MTI Film (www.mtifilm.com).