Outlook: The new normal
Lisa Effress
Issue: November/December 2021

Outlook: The new normal

We’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster the past year and a half, and not just those of us in post production, but people in every industry. It’s been a little scary, but it’s also been a time for reflection. I, personally, have spent more time with my family, something that pre-COVID I took for granted. It’s been wonderful to be at home, to reconnect and refocus.

If I had a crystal ball, I’d say that we are living in the new normal. We’re not going back to the way things were before the pandemic. 11 Dollar Bill was fortunate. Having offices in multiple cities, we figured out how to work remotely long ago. When the pandemic arrived, we had to adjust and add resources, but we got through that very quickly and were able to serve clients with fully-remote sessions efficiently and effectively.

Now, things are opening up and we are welcoming clients back for in-person sessions. But our clients have gotten used to working from home. Many of them like it and they are choosing to continue to work that way. I don’t expect that to change. As more people get vaccinated and receive boosters, we may see more of them in our offices, but it’s going to happen gradually on a per-project and per-client basis. 

We welcome this change. I’m the kind of person who loves being in the office. I enjoy being around other people and the energy that provides, but not everyone feels that way. Some people find they are more productive working from home. So, we’ve embraced that and are working very hard to provide our clients and employees with options. So far, it’s working extremely well.

Lisa Effress is a Managing Partner at 11 Dollar Bill (http://11dollarbill.com), a creative design, editorial and finishing house with offices in Chicago, IL, and Boulder, CO.