<I>Invasion</I> director/EP Jakob Verbruggen
Issue: September/October 2021

Invasion director/EP Jakob Verbruggen

Apple TV+ will begin streaming Invasion on October 22nd. The 10-episode science fiction drama is a character-driven series that follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world. Set across multiple continents, Invasion stars Shamier Anderson, Golshifteh Farahani, Sam Neill, Firas Nassar and Shioli Kutsuna. Jakob Verbruggen is the show’s director/executive producer and recently answered a few questions about the series, which will release new episodes each Friday.

How did you get involved in the series?

“When I first read the script, I was attracted by the concept of the world coming together as a result of a common thread. And the exciting idea of giving this invasion story a twist.
“I was intrigued by how the writing introduces us to the main characters in a kaleidoscopic way. Be it in Oklahoma, Japan, New York, London or Afghanistan, all our heroes to be, in their own unique way, are alienated from themselves or others.
“It is the event of the invasion that triggers them to face their inner demons and transcend oneself. Wherever on this planet you are born, we all share the same humanity. The idea of getting under the skin of these relatable characters, combined with the challenge of creating a world that has scale and scope, got me hooked.”

What was the production timeline for shooting, post and delivery?

“We started prep in August 2018. And now, three years and a global pandemic later, we premiere on October 22nd 2021.”
What camera format was used and did the DP have a preference?

“Sony Venice 6K.”

Which studio created the visual effects?

Can you comment on the importance of the soundtrack?

“The soundtrack is such an important part of any film or television series. It’s a powerful tool that helps guide the audience or can deliberately mislead them. I was thrilled when Max Richter came on board to score Invasion. His work is so unique and has this enchanting quality that really elevates this series.”