Outlook: Digital marketing takes the lead
Enrique Mendoza & Sean Quinn
Issue: November/December 2022

Outlook: Digital marketing takes the lead

As we head into 2023, the move from broadcast to digital marketing campaigns continues to accelerate. Traditional broadcast production budgets and media buys that made up the lion's share of advertising investments continue to shift as brands try to reach their audiences wherever they are. The most exciting part is seeing brands that wouldn’t traditionally leverage content, embracing digital platforms and taking advantage of content’s ability to capture the attention of consumers and make them act.

Photo (L-R): Bowstring Studios' Enrique Mendoza and Sean Quinn 

With digital marketing taking the lead, brands now routinely focus on multiple channels. It forces them to think differently about how to stretch their marketing dollars further, and that's where the real opportunity exists for creatives like us. This opportunity is the reason why we, as a company, have invested beyond the individual project, and partner with many of our clients to ensure they are getting the best ROI possible on their content.

In our 20-plus years in business as a content studio, the most important thing we have done is to develop StoryCycle, an end-to-end strategic production workflow that gives marketers the ability to create powerful stories that connect with consumers as efficiently and affordably as possible across all channels. StoryCycle is unique in that it aligns a company's marketing and sales objectives with expert storytelling and production efficiencies, all while maintaining the highest level of production value.

StoryCycle addresses the growing request for deliverables while accommodating the need to spread the budget further. At Bowstring, we can then act as a force multiplier so clients of all sizes and industries – from consumer goods brands, educational institutions, financial services and beyond – can focus on what they do best. 

Based in Conshohocken, PA, Bowstring Studios (https://bowstring.tv) is a creative content studio that’s built to work in partnership with brands and agencies of all sizes. Enrique Mendoza is the company’s CEO & Co-Founder, and Sean Quinn is President & Co-Founder.