Outlook: Managing change in the digital supply chain
Ben Blomfield
Issue: November/December 2023

Outlook: Managing change in the digital supply chain

The last three years have witnessed transformative changes to the broadcast and media landscape, particularly in the re-imagination of digital supply chains and cloud optimization. These shifts significantly impact the operational teams responsible for asset-level content management. Organizations are then forced to re-examine the often-underestimated impact of transformative change on the people who are not only behind the technology, but the teams who must engage day-to-day with the technology.

As investment continues in the tooling required to support the demands of today’s media landscape, businesses are eager to realize the benefits across their supply chain. However, complete transformation cannot be fully realized within a silo – businesses are now at a critical place where they are being forced to recognize the impact that the technological transformation has had across the entire organization, from engineering through to content operations and IT/application support.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to change. Successful digital transformation requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach, encompassing change management governance, upskilling, user-centric design and collaborative partnerships, ultimately ensuring an organization's ability to adapt, thrive and deliver optimal results in the dynamic media landscape.

As we head into 2024, we will continue to see organizations have no option but to dive into the change management required to fully realize the workflow synergies across their tech stack. While processes evolve over time and are eventually codified and engrained in how teams work, today’s workflows are not linear and require dynamic and holistic design to ensuring systems are interacting with each other efficiently and ultimately allowing the company to achieve full economy of scale, unlocking further time and cost savings.

As the industry dives into this next chapter, the key will be to work with subject-matter experts who can align with your company’s vision while also not being afraid to challenge the status quo. One of TMT Insights’ core capabilities is complementing an M&E organization’s resources, offering the benefit of our domain expertise and learned experiences combined with advanced technology solutions, like our Polaris operational management platform, to help ensure organizations are able to remove as many “speed bumps” as possible within their transformational journey.

Ben Blomfield is Managing Director, UK & EMEA, for TMT Insights (https://tmtinsights.com), a professional services and software development company that provides both consulting and hands-on implementation services to help customers navigate the transition to high-volume, multi-platform content lifecycles.