Issue: NAB Post+


NEW YORK - Montreal’s Autodesk is at NAB Post+ with new platform support for its Discreet Flame, Flint and Smoke systems. The announcement centers on the certification of new dual-core and single-core Linux workstation architectures for its high-end turnkey systems.

The 64-bit Inferno and Fire systems now run on SGI Onyx350, 8x 800MHz systems, as well as on Onyx 2 and Onyx 3200.

The 64-bit Flame and Smoke 2K systems now run on SGI Tezro workstations with 4 MIPS RISC processors, and on the IBM 6217 with AMD Opteron processors in a dual-processor/dual-core configuration. Octane MXE and Octane 2 V.12 continue to be supported. And Flint SD and Smoke SD now run on the HP 8200.

On the applications side, the 64-bit versions of Inferno 6.5 and Flame 9.5 now include a layer-based paint module and Autodesk’s Motion Estimation technology. Discreet Fire 7 and Smoke 7 for editing and finishing have been completely re-architected as 64-bit applications. The releases’ support for dual-core workstations provides performance on par with current SGI systems.