Issue: NAB 2006: Tuesday, April 25


LAS VEGAS – Quantel ( is promoting a plan for users of its high-end post systems such as eQ, iQ and Pablo the color corrector, to extend the Quantel version of DI workflow to non-feature-film products, including commercials – basically anything that needs to look as good as its surrounding programming.

The plan centers around working in a give production’s original resolution – be that HD, 2K or even 4K - for users who have invested in eQ, iQ and Pablo. Quantel stresses that there is essentially no time penalty and little additional cost compared to working in SD. Material should be scanned at the highest resolution and all post functions should be carried out at that resolution, skipping the lossy compressing and up-res-ing processes that degrade a final product. At this higher resolution, higher-quality keys, composites and effects can be accomplished and color correction may be done “in-context as the job progresses.”

Mark Horton, Quantel’s worldwide marketing manager, post and DI, says, “It no longer makes sense to throw away quality by conventional telecine transfers of information-rich film rushes to SD. Compared to posting at, say, 2K, you’re throwing away 90 percent of that information! It makes good business sense for our users. Their clients can see and appreciate the difference.”