Issue: IBC 2007 - Day 1


AMSTERDAM - Eyeon Software ( is at IBC with its newly updated Rotation and Vision - packages that augment the company's flagship Fusion compositing program. Eyeon also released a learning edition of Fusion 5.2 at the show. 

Rotation, which sells for $695, offers intricate rotoscoping, keying and retouching functions, and new features such as: GPU accelerated 3D LUTs, enhanced tracker accuracy in the tracker modifier, and enhanced handling of metadata.

Vision, designed for broadcast use and selling for $1,495, now has Fuse plug-in support, enhanced tracker accuracy and OpenFX support. This allows users to run applicable Fuse plug-ins that were designed for Fusion on Vision.

Toronto-based Eyeon's Fusion 5.2 Learning Edition is free of charge, provides the full monty of professional features and creates a watermarked final output. It's not "watered down" as Steve Roberts, Eyeon CEO, says. The point is to get artists interested in what Fusion has to offer. Roberts points out that, once a compositing artist gets hooked on the system, then “all they have to do is buy it!"

Roberts likes the international crowd at IBC and appreciates Fusion demo artists from rather exotic locales such as Oslo and Helsinki. Of their broadcast work he says, "This stuff is just phenomenal and the world doesn't get to see it. Some spots done somewhere else in the world are extremely clever. What's most satisfying to me is, wherever you go on the globe there are people producing great stuff on Fusion."