Issue: IBC 2007 - Day 2


JVC's ProHD cameras will be compatible with popular NLEs from Apple, Avid and Canopus, JVC announced today…Celco introduced CineSafe 4K, a digital archive recorder meant for the long-term preservation of archival film by outputting RGB color separations to lower-cost black-and-white film. Citing digital media's "vicious cycle of risk," Celco's Mike Constantine says B&W film can last more than 500 years if stored properly. Also, Celco will be introducing "Big Shot," a giant screen film recorder for 65mm Imax work…Digital video signal extension specialists at Gefen have 15 - yes, 15 - new products on display at IBC. Many are for the consumer/home theater market, says Gefen's Khasha Roholahi, who attends 17 trade shows a year for Gefen, but many are aimed at post pros, such as a new HD/SDI splitter and switcher…Video card maker Bluefish444 has entered into a joint OEM agreement with KulaByte to embed KulaByte's faster-than-realtime TimeSlice technology within Bluefish's Symmetry software. The aim, says Bluefish's Craige Mott, is to create a multi-format capturing, encoding and transcoding solution for uncompressed SD and HD video, including H.264. "Kulabyte's TimeSlice makes better use of a CPU and that means better speed and quality," notes Mott.